Find a trusted
financial or insurance advisor

It is essential to ensure that your financial advisor is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). That means your advisor will have passed exams covering a wide range of financial topics and have been through the FSA authorisation processes.

Unfortunately, there are firms that operate without FSA authorisation, and some knowingly run scams. It is therefore safest to use an advisor who you know is both FSA authorised and a member of a recognised professional body.

Professional qualifications for financial advisors range from a diploma, demonstrating a benchmark grounding, to full Chartered status showing that the advisor has attained and maintains the highest level of professional achievement. In some areas, advisors need additional qualifications before they can make recommendations.

Check the directories and web sites listed here to find out about the different levels of membership for each professional body, and what this means.

We have only selected professional bodies with rigorous entry requirements and a complaints procedure. Members must adhere to standards and codes of practice.